Need Storage Supplies?

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Fort Henry Self Storage is your one stop for all your moving and storage supplies!

We stock many of these handy items in our showroom store. Visit us today and prepare for the big move.

Moving Supplies Available from Fort Henry Self Storage

Boxes2.0 Cube Box 18x15x12$2.59
Boxes3.1 Cube Box 18x18x16$3.00
Boxes4.0 Cube Box 18x18x21$4.00
BoxesBox with handles 24x12x12$2.89
BoxesWardrobe 24x21x48$19.99
BoxesFragile Kit 3 CU$9.99
BoxesFragile Kit 2 CU$7.99
Paper5 lb Packing Paper$9.99
Paper10 lb Packing Paper$14.95
PaperTissue Paper$4.99
LocksSteel Lock 44mm$13.99
LocksDisc Lock 70mm$19.99
Mattress Bags and CartonsSingle Bag$6.00
Mattress Bags and CartonsDouble Bag$7.00
Mattress Bags and CartonsQueen Bag$8.00
Mattress Bags and CartonsKing Bag$9.00
Mattress Bags and CartonsChair Cover$2.99
Mattress Bags and CartonsSofa Cover$3.99
Tape and Stretch WrapClear Packing Tape$2.99
Tape and Stretch Wrap6 Pk Packing Tape$11.99
Tape and Stretch WrapTape Dispenser$12.99
Tape and Stretch WrapHand Held Stretch Wrap$13.99
Tape and Stretch WrapStretch Wrap Roll$19.99
AccessoriesEconomy Blanket$19.00
AccessoriesFurniture Wrap$5.99
AccessoriesBlue Sharpie$2.99